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We are not only Irelands largest provider, but
Europe's largest provider of Obesity surgery


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Our most
popular procedures…

The Hospital Group treated over 2,000 obese people in 2008 with an estimated total weight loss of 60 tonnes and will double that in 2009!

Many of our specialist team have under gone obesity surgery themselves. Call us on 1850 20 40 90 for more information on weight loss surgery.

  • Special Offer

    Weight Loss Surgery Offers

    • 5,300 euros special price for gastric band with 1 year aftercare
    • Aftercare includes 6-months surgical cover, dietitian support and appointments, unlimited band adjustments, X-ray assessment post-operatively, 24-hour emergency helpline, access to our specialist weight loss team, including dietitians, bariatric surgeon and nurses.
    • Procedures must be booked and carried out before end Dec 2011

The Hospital Group is one of Ireland's leading providers of Weight loss Surgery and Obesity Surgery and are experts in Cosmetic Surgery. We offer Weight loss surgery optons including Gastric band, Gastric Bypass and Gastric balloon in Ireland. Please follow the links below to answers any questions that you may have on any of these procedures.

List of Weight Loss Surgeries provided by the Hospital group in Ireland

Gastric Band Surgery Ireland

This is our most popular procedure.The Gastric Band is an inflatable silicone plastic ring that is placed around the upper part of the stomach to control the amount of food that passes into the digestive tract and enables you to feel full sooner and for longer. It is adjustable and reversible. Read more details on our Gastric Band page. Email us for more information on Gastric Band

Gastric Bypass Ireland

There are several varieties of Gastric bypass, but all involve the creation of a small stomach pouch to restrict food intake and bypasses of the duodenum and other segments of the small intestine to reduce the absorption of calories and nutrients from food. Read more details on our Gastric Bypass page. Email us for more information on Gastric Bypass

Gastric Balloon Programme

The gastric Balloon is a soft, silicone sack that is inserted into the stomach and filled with sterile saline. With the gastric balloon in place, you will have a feeling of fullness and reduced hunger, which will help you to kick-start your weight loss. The balloon stays in place for just 6 months to help you to adopt the diet and lifestyle changes needed to continue the weightloss. Read more details on our Gastric Balloon page. Email us for more information on Gastric Balloon

Total patient confidence

The Hospital Group Ireland is committed to providing very high standards and surgical excellence in a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments and procedures. With this level of care, you the patient can have complete confidence that your cosmetic surgery, obesity surgery and non-surgical is performed by an expert medical team and in state-of-the-art facilities that are second to none.

Over 70% of our own staff have had cosmeticsurgery or weight losssurgery.

Our medical team along with our administration staff have been engaged to provide you with all the relevant care and support you need. In fact over 70% of our 350 members of staff have themselves had cosmetic or weight loss surgery. This in itself stands testament to the fact they have total confidence in our services and are very knowledgeable about cosmetic surgery and obesity surgery having experienced it first hand. This fact, along with an experienced medical team, ensures that The Hospital Group have the best people here to help deliver your treatment. For more information please contact us on Weight Loss Surgery Ireland

Clear Information

This website has been developed with you the patient in mind. Our aim is to provide you with clear information about your particular cosmetic surgery, obesity surgery and non surgical procedure that you are interested in. After browsing the website you can either call us or complete our online enquiry form to receive more information or to arrange the next step, your consultation. Email us for more information on Weight loss Surgery

Weight LossSurgery - Patient gallery

We have an online gallery showing some of our previous patients before and after photographs. The gallery shows cosmetic surgery patients along with patients who have undergone Weight Loss Surgery Ireland

High Quality Facilities at our very own Private Hospitals and Clinics

We have a range of private hospitals and clinics across the UK and Ireland, where we carry out all of our cosmetic surgery procedures and consultations. Our latest private hospital is Dolan Park Hospital. The private hospital lends itself to the rural and tranquil setting that surrounds it, and is the idealistic environment for recuperation and recovery. The Hospital Group were in fact the first plastic surgery provider to open a private hospital that solely specialised in plastic surgery. For more information please contact us on Weight Loss Surgery Ireland

Ireland and UK's Leading Plastic Surgeons

All of our cosmetic and weight loss procedures are administered by fully qualified GMC registered surgeons who exclusively specialise in either cosmetic surgery or obesity surgery. All of our surgeons are leading professionals in their chosen fields and have performed thousands of operations to date. At the pre-operative stage your designated cosmetic or weight-loss surgeon will be able to give you expert advice and clarification on which procedure is most appropriate for your individual surgical needs and explain to you exactly what the procedure entails. Email us for more information on Plastic Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery Ireland

For those who need a weight loss surgeon we offer the latest in gastric band and bariatric surgery including gastric banding, gastric balloon and gastric bypass surgery in the Ireland.

For those looking to improve their self image, we offer a whole host of other surgical and non-surgical procedures including the latest in cosmetic plasticsurgery including rhinoplasty, nose jobs and tummy tucks, hair transplants and hair loss treatment and facial treatments and cosmetic dentistry.

What is the price ofobesity surgery?

To find out how much weight loss costs, and to see before and after surgery photos, contact us right now to book your consultation.

The hospital group providing Cosmetic Surgery in Ireland

Click to view Weight loss Surgery Glossary of Terms

Click to view Cosmetic Surgery Glossary of Terms

After Weight Loss Surgery

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